Feb, 2014

I perform nearly every year at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Orem, Utah. While everyone has their favorite teller for various reasons (comedic, historical, lovable, liar-able, etc.), I have yet to find a young child who didn’t love Willy Claflin best of all and I have yet to find a child that didn’t love his books so much that they didn’t insist on listening to the accompanying CD many more times than a parent would deem reasonable … And, as a parent, his books are a blast to read (especially if you get into the Mother Moose dialect and imitate the dynamic narrations of Willy Claflin. In short, for a roaring good time with your children, make sure to check out Willy Claflin’s Online Bookstore. You won’t regret it one moose-second!