Author, Editor, and Director? Huh?


Last fall, my family was featured on a reality tv program where we had to leave the state of Utah in a hurry.  What TLC didn’t show was how I’d had a job and housing lined up in South Dakota for ten months but at the last minute … I was without a job and my family of 17 was without a home. We were literally in need of finding and moving to a new home within a few short weeks.  The impossibility of the situation was, shall we say … stressful.

We put our hands in God’s care and trusted that he had a plan for us so I started writing full time, quit practicing law, and … waited to see what he had in store for us. After Unproven was published, Beth Roose contacted me to have it produced as a feature animation. We’ll be pitching it to DreamWorks, gaming companies, and a company that we expect will convert it into a 54 episode tv series in the style of Avatar/Legend of Kora. I’m already working on it so I’m embracing a new role as author, producer, and director – who would have guessed? We’re excited to see where God’s plan takes us next.

Meanwhile, I’m excitedly working on Sea Dragon Apocalypse – creating a unique and interesting magic system I started working on several years ago but never completed, integrating a high tech AI society with a remote society of failing mages, and merging it all with a fantasy/mystery short story I wrote a few years ago. You can keep track of my progress with the blue widget below my menu (to the left on most devices).

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    […] Author, Editor, and Director? Huh?  Last fall, my family was featured on a reality […] […]

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