Golden Axe Art – Hail Wesley Burt


Today’s featured artwork comes from Wesley Burt … at least, I think it does.  I’m not usually one to like barbarian art but this one caught my attention.  This “beast rider” image has a great sense of depth, an interesting beast you’d prefer was on your side, one of those hot swords that inspired the lightsaber, and an attractive wielder who doesn’t look like she was made primarily for distraction by seduction – even her war painting enhances this effect.  Burt does a great job of using the fire sword as the primary light source and the composition approximates the golden mean quite well – it isn’t perfect but it’s close to work well.  And while her armor isn’t as thoroughly protective as you might hope if you were the one wielding that sword, it at least offers some glimmer of hope that it might be effective to some degree … provided the opponent doesn’t also wield a barbarian version of the lightsaber.  All hail Wesley Burt.

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