Boss Half-Dragon

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I’ve kept my eye out for the artist responsible for this half-dragon for a couple years now without any luck.  It deserves attention for a few reasons:

  1. It is a beautiful example of how to subtly use the golden mean.  If you can’t see it, it’s simply because you’ve never studied these things.  The use of it here is so subtle, you have to wonder whether or not the artist accidentally observed its rules out of habit or whether he carefully premeditated the design.
  2. It represents a beautiful contradiction.  The beast looks like it has an indomitable will and yet we find it in chains.  You can’t help but worry for the safety of its keeper who might be wise (or foolish?) to negotiate its release.
  3. The lighting is fabulously executed.  It’s a testament to the growing sophistication of 3D modeling.
  4. While some of the textures and musculatures seem a little implausible, the overall design of the half-dragon is both novel and interesting.

Huzzah to the boss half dragon!

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