Blood Falls, Antartica

Any aspiring fantasy author ought to have one of those “Wonders of the World” type books to look to for inspirational settings for their stories – whether they take place on earth or some other place. ¬†There are enough truly magnificent and sometimes bizarre places on this earth to fill volumes of fantasy book backdrops. ¬†Blood Falls is one of those places that makes the top of the list of inspiring places to use for a story – a story that takes place where the snow bleeds.

One can only imagine that superstitious locals must have once had stories about how one god injured the earth for her disobedience and how she continues to suffer for that single misdeed performed thousands of years ago – or that the area was cursed to scare away future generations because of the misdeed of some wayward ancestor or … let your imagination guide you …

The image comes from Top 10 For. The “blood” is actually a flow of iron deposits. The site is actually quite large. A google image search will land you some images with people walking on the iron deposits so that you can see the scale of this “waterfall.”

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