Epic Asian Plane Crash



You can’t help but to love a cool picture that immediately inspires a story.  Today’s inspiration comes from an anonymous artist with a strong sense of irony.  I snooped around to see if I could find the illustrator but sadly, I have zero success to show for it.  The image looks like it could be from a Tomb Raider advertisement but alas, I can’t prove it …

Apart from the immediate and epic drama of this piece, I can’t help but to appreciate the very calming flavor of the artist’s style.  It almost seems like he went to great lengths to achieve a very peaceful and calming Asian landscape to grace the wall of some five star Chinese restaurant and then decided to throw in an element of irony to make you wonder what in heaven’s name is going to happen to that poor soul jumping out of the plane.  Is the guy sane?  Is he part of the Mistborn universe?  Is he using the metal of the plane to fly?  Is he a mutant?  Is he being ejected to his doom but ended up in an epic pose just out of luck?  Did he survive the plane crash only to decide some honor issue demanded suicide? or did he simply forget his parachute?  Has the guy been watching too much Devin Supertramp?  Or, maybe he thinks he can grab a banzai tree branch on the way down … but doesn’t realize that he’s really putting himself in line for next year’s Darwin Award.  Whatever he’s doing, at least he’s going down with style.  I just hope he enjoys the view. For more vist doodlelanka.com


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