Discovering Real Dragons


Most mythological creatures have very interesting real life counterparts, whether they be cyclops, unicorns, giants, or anything else.  I’ve seen a number of real “dragons” in my life: winged lizards from Borneo, 1,000 pound alligatorskomodo dragons, uber cool and supposedly real spine backs, and photoshopped geckos passed off as something you’d want to take home for a pet.  For some reason I cannot fathom, Smaug Gigantaeous has evaded the publicity it deserves.  Found in Africa (along with countless other marvelous beasts we don’t have over here in the western hemisphere), this charmer has the perfect looks for a dragon from its classic dragon head to its cool spiky skin!  Click on the image above to read more about it.  Or, if you’re not impressed, have a look at Eric Velhagen’s matchless king of all king dragons: Glaurung:

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Who wins the contest of looking the most like a real dragon?  Which creature is perhaps most responsible for creating the mythical dragon?  What do you think and why?  Have I missed any strong contestants for best look-a-like inspirations?  If so, send me a link.

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