Fallen Dragon

Although I don’t find the dragon armor or the dragon visage particularly inspiring, I thought I would share this image because it does a fabulous job of instantaneously conjuring up a story.  After all, what creatively inclined kid doesn’t dream of befriending a fallen dragon?  Or is that just my male bias showing through?  Maybe only foolish boys dream of such things!  For some reason, the picture ignites a storyline more akin to the Dragonriders of Pern rather than How to Train Your Dragon, but either way, I love the subtleties of this painting – from the worm’s eye view of the footprints leading to the child’s tentative pose to the armor designed to protect the dragon’s eye – one of its few vulnerabilities.

As an aside, I really appreciated how Hiccup ended up with a handicap in the first How to Train Your Dragon movie.  Not only does it show some degree of realism – fighting has its costs – it offers many handicapped children in this world a good hero to look up to.  And not only is the hero of the story handicapped, he’s a scrawny misfit, the very antithesis of the bulging muscle, chiseled jaw, ever popular stereotype of a hero with great power.  Shout out to DreamWorks Animation!

No information on the illustrator – if you know who it is, let me know so I can drop a link.

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    […] can’t help but love a cool picture that immediately inspires a story.  Today’s inspiration comes from an anonymous artist with a […]

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