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In my database of inspirational images, I have a fair number of creative merfolk.  While most artists use standard fish tails, several use tentacles and a very rare few use jellyfish motifs. However, I haven’t found a single other well conceived image of a merman or mermaid with a shark’s tail.  Perhaps shark tails don’t work well for sultry mermaids but this image certainly takes the prize for the most character inspiring merfolk concept in my book.  If you are writing a story that takes place at sea, you have to appreciate the possibilities that this image creates for some dreaded antagonist!

My notes show that the image came from Art by Gameco but I couldn’t find the image on that site.  I can’t come up with an illustrator either so if you know who it is, send me a message – I’d like to see their other work and drop them a link.

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  1. 12/16/2014

    […] can’t help but to love a cool picture that immediately inspires a story.  Today’s inspiration comes from an anonymous artist with a strong sense of irony. […]

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