Here is my inspiration.  Like I said, I think the artist’s name is Tes Akizhao.  Apart from the cool armor and the spear instead of a staff, this could be a portrait of me.  Perhaps when I get my portrait done, I’ll do it with a pose like this!

If anyone knows the artist for sure, let me know – perhaps I’ll hire him for my self portrait!

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2 Responses

  1. Evelia514 says:

    You are right! Except for two things: you are a little more dashing! ;^) and his spear looks similar to your staff with the bladed tip in a few ways – and it is pretty thick so maybe it isn’t a spear after all…

  2. aria514 says:

    I agree with Evelia – you are much more dashing than the picture! … but your staff is much cooler than that one.

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