Story Juggling by Drew

Years ago, I began a lifelong juggling addiction (although I’m too stubborn to join any 12 step program to help me stop). In 2000 or perhaps a little earlier, I began to tell stories while juggling. To my knowledge, I’m the only juggler in the world that tells stories using the patterns of the balls to enhance the stories. I had a few copycatters out there but none of them kept it up for very long – it is harder than a juggler might expect and it requires a very different sort of creative thinking to come up with the stories – and a good deal of trial and error. The image is me juggling my son Jasher (he has four handles to catch – which is much better than juggling clubs because they only have one handle!).

Here is a video of me performing one of my more well loved stories (the first one that I wrote) for an audience at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival a few years back:

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