Sample Chapters

High Tech Assassin Struggles to Disentangle Memory Alterations from Reality

Assassin Hunter as narrated by the uber talented Julian Pearson

Powerless Mage Battles Psionically Gifted Dragons and Superstitious Steampunk Society

Unproven as narrated by Jeffrey Howard

Dark Coming of Age Story Where a Drug Enhances Orphan’s Feeble Magic

Slice as narrated by the uber talented Julian Pearson

Post-Apocalyptic Genetically Engineered Humans Join Forces with Alien Mage to Preserve Humanity

Here is the first chapter of Moon 514 as performed by the uber talented Julian Pearson.

Short Story Anthology Featuring 5 Rising Star Authors.

Funny, Scary, Exhilarating, Shocking!

This is a sample from the short story Dream Breaker by Jason King

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  1. 01/18/2019

    […] Meanwhile, if you’re not up to date on Drew’s books, you can find out more about them hereĀ or, if you’d like to see if he’s any good at his craft, you can get sample chapters of each of his books here. […]

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