Hangin’ Out With All-Time Bestselling Authors

SLICE by Drew Briney

SLICE Recommended by YAs on YA Reading List

Drew hangs out with all-time bestselling authors on a YA recommended reading list.  Okay, it’s not a Hugo Award and it didn’t land me on Oprah but sometimes a relevant People’s Choice Award is even better.  After recently being voted a Top 5 Author by scififantasyfreak.com, I’m now featured alongside Tolkien, Austen, Lewis, Card, Rowlings, Collins, and others.  Don’t worry, I won’t follow last week’s headlines by complaining about pay inequality …  but I wouldn’t cry if you bought a copy.  If you’re timid, check out a free sample of Slice.  But be careful.  Reading good prose can be addicting – one author described it as being like a free sample of cocaine: the first sample is free ’cause you won’t be able to stop.

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