Author communities often ask questions like: where do you come up with cool names? cool world-building ideas? magic systems? and clothing?

To the latter question, one must at least offer an honorable mention to steampunk.

Looking for an interesting Alice in Wonderland costume idea with a twist?  Consider steampunk:


Looking for an interesting Princess Lea?  Consider steampunk:


Can’t figure out how to make glasses work with goggles while bowling?  Consider steampunk:


Looking for an eye-catching costume to wear to your next WorldCon?  Consider steampunk (don’t forget to get your ribbons!):


Looking for a cool costume idea for a man?  Well, out of 5,000 steampunk pictures, you’ll probably come across a couple pictures of men but most of them won’t be nearly as creative or inspiring as the ones you will find for the women.

Here is a particularly interesting steampunk costume for men … at least, I think it is … it may be Orlando Bloom preparing to board the plane to his latest Pirates of the Caribbean shoot …


These are all random pictures I picked up from Pinterest a long time ago.  If you know the link, send it to me and I’ll credit the photographers and/or models.

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