Butterfly Display at Museum

I co-own thebutterflystore.com. My partner and I have been working like crazy to do a huge butterfly display for BYU’s Bean Museum. The image above is the morpho flight that we are doing – in progress. I’ll be adding a few more morpho butterflies and some red butterflies; the museum will be adding a plaque teaching how shiny colors actually protect butterflies. So … this isn’t the final product but we’re excited about how it is coming.

We are also doing a 3D flight of swallowtail butterflies that start on the ground (of the display), into the air (via wires), around the corner, and onto the wall perpendicular to the ground where they started. As far as we know, no other museum has any such flight and no one else even knows how to make it happen so we’re excited for the world’s premier of the first 3D real butterfly sculpture to be open to the public – this coming June!

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