20+ Reasons SFF is Super Good for Your Body & Mind!

Jason Chan‘s Servant of the Panther Queen

I’ve wanted to spotlight Jason Chan for many months – he’s one of my absolute favorite living artists – but something keeps coming up that is more pressing so for now, enjoy his Servant of the Panther Queen as the featured image of the day, click on his name to check out his amazing portfolio – oh, and keep your eye open for future spotlights.

More pressing for today is why reading science fiction and fantasy is super good for you. Originally, I started writing a blog on this topic but found so many scientific studies and articles about it that I realized the topic really needs a strong thesis paper to do it justice. So, I did what any reasonably lazy author would do: I created an infographic instead! Lest you think I’m jesting, I’ll add the trivial detail that I stayed up a few hours past my normal bedtime just to bring this great content to your desktop. ;^) They are large enough to print, though not 300 dpi so they could make decent, if not professional looking bookmarks. More importantly, they give you a couple dozen reasons to convince your significant other (or parents) that it is vital to your health and well being to read all of my books! Just kidding. Sort of. #NotReally.

Either way, I hope you enjoy 20+ Reasons Why You Should Read Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Feel free to save them, pass them on, use them as bookmarks, or whatever.

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  1. 01/30/2019

    […] has proven that reading sci-fi/fantasy books is good for your health and well being so it’s crucial that you get your daily dose. I’m not going to let you […]

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