Slice || Drew Briney, Author

by drew briney


Dark Coming of Age Story Where
a Drug Enhances an Orphan’s Feeble Magic


Half orphaned and struggling to survive, a broken young man risks everything to save his family with a drug that enhances his feeble powers. With mounting obstacles threatening and surrounding him at every turn, Tzun fends off one enemy only to discover his gravest challenge is worse than anything he could have imagined. When confronted with a personal nightmare, will he find a way to turn back or become the very thing he once despised?

With a gritty, sweeping tone, engaging prose, and a dark flare that fans of Stephen King have learned to crave, Slice is a coming of age story that blends urban fantasy with the criminal underground.

Perfectly Paced, Wicked Writing Skills

Its perfectly paced and so descriptive … Absolutely amazing!!! … kind of predictable … it didn’t stop my heart from racing when you finally revealed it.  Now that takes some wicked writing skills.  … amazing story!!

@UniquePeak Wattpad

Especially Enjoyed Slice

This is a collection of fantasy short stories with plenty of action. From junkies to giant worms, sea monsters to haunted violins, the authors take you through tales of assassins, mages and magic. I especially enjoyed the stories written by Continue Reading

Beverly Laude Goodreads

A Little Magic and Mystery Makes for a Good Story

A quick read involving the life of a junkie. It doesn't matter if you are addicted to heroin, alcohol or this futuristic drug called Slice, it consumes your entire life. Everything you do is leading to your next fix. The Continue Reading

Neesie Amazon

Felt Like I was Inside the Story

Amazing. …  wonderful way with words and details. I felt like I was right inside the story!

Heather Lunog Wattpad

Slice || Drew Briney, Author

Tangible Images, Unexpected Ending

The author’s way of making this story come to life is phenomenal. … pleasurable to read … tangible images … I could smell the rain and feel it against my skin … thought provoking. … interesting twists and unexpected ending.

Auralee Amazon

Good Visuals, Flow & Story

Good visuals, flow and story. Truly enjoyed myself.

Anon. Barnes & Noble

Disturbing Entrance Into the Mind of a Falling Soul

Disturbing entrance into the mind of a falling soul ... Food for thought on how we tend to become that which we hate most in others.

@AprilSunshine Wattpad

Dark World Makes an Impression

A futuristic novella that deals with addiction. The story follows Tzun as he is drawn into the dark world of Slice. Drew has delivered what seems to be a very realistic story. It definitely made an impression. Julian Pearson’s narration Continue Reading

Catrina P. Audible