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Interesting Alien

  What is it?  Bulldog face, humanoid alien eyes, reptilian neck and skin flaps, tattoo-esque markings, and no discernible ears.  I decided to post this as […]
Mar 25, 2016 / Add Comment

Wanted Hero Shoutout

Once again, acclaimed author Jaime Buckley redesigned the always entertaining WantedHero.com ... you should check it out.  Really.   This isn't a legitimate blog post. […]
Jan 9, 2016 / Add Comment
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Winter Dragon

  Today's inspiration comes from this overdone, classic knight versus dragon fight concept.  I think the ambiance and unique setting are what sets it apart from […]
Dec 17, 2015 / Add Comment
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Boss Fire Mage

A little inspiration today from either X-Men fan art, Chandra fan art, or someone who felt nostalgic about their old D&D fireball throwing mages.  I […]
Jul 9, 2015 / Add Comment

Hail Hydra

Today's inspiration comes from Svetlin Velinov who envisions an omnivorous hydra (are those teeth really plant worthy? Perhaps omnivorous means something more nefariously cache...).  I […]
Jul 7, 2015 / Add Comment

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