Assassin Hunter


A Leap of Faith

I just finished “Assassin Hunter”, a short story I wrote for the quarterly Writer’s Village competition so today’s inspiration comes Assassin’s Creed art by Chaoyuan Xu: A Leap of Faith.  While my story deals with transhumanist themes, including memory erasures, memory implants, and mind control, I chose to share Xu’s art for three very irrelevant reasons:

1.  It’s awesome.  Just look at the sense of depth the artist creates by adding all of the doves.  By the way, don’t the doves create a strong sense of irony?  The very symbol of purity and peace being used next to a black clothed assassin is epic irony … and he pulls it off without making you laugh.

2.  It generates a sense of exhilaration.  The lack of any noticeable tool to help him either fly or swing would make you concerned for the guy but for his gutsy pose and the fact that he is a black clothed assassin.

3.  It inspires the storytelling muse within me – I can hardly finish this blog because I want to go expand “Assassin Hunter”!


All hail Chaoyuan Xu!




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  1. 01/26/2019

    […] write a short story entitled: Assassin Hunter. Recently, I couldn’t stop thinking about that short story and wanted to delve deeper into these fascinating topics so … the much improved novella […]

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