River of Five Colors



Looking for inspiration for an especially exotic destination?  I’ve frequently said that sci-fi/fantasy authors need look no further than our own beautiful planet to find inspiration for unbelievable locations custom fit for any work of fiction.  Take Cano Cristales in Columbia for example.  When was the last time you saw a river that looked blood red with a tinge of pink and orange?  Okay, the effect only lasts for a few weeks out of the year but it looks fabulous enough to get my creative juices flowing for several story lines.

The moss/algae growths responsible for this surprising display of color in a normal, fresh water river only thrives in certain conditions: water levels, water flow, heat, etc. so it is rarely found anywhere else in the world.  Of course, locals have known about this place for millennia but tourists are only now beginning to get wind of this lush location because drug wars have made the area too dangerous to visit for several decades.  When conditions get good enough, I think I’ll have to consider this option for a new vacation spot.  After all, other people are already taking their turn swimming in this “Rainbow River.”  What do you think: is it safe enough to take a dip or would the colors freak you out to much to take a dive?



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