Pre-Order Your Real Star Wars Speeder Bike!


About fifteen years ago, I was wowed while traveling in Hong Kong – we rode on a hover craft ferry from one destination to another as if riding a normal boat.  At that time, it seemed imminently inevitable that land speeders would be popping up in our future.  But after more than a decade passed, I was beginning to wonder what the challenges were that was keeping this from becoming a commonplace reality.  It turns out that the rotary engines were part of the problem (although I don’t remember that being a requirement in Star Wars do you?).  Apparently the bigger issue was aesthetic: land speeders were not exotic enough … who would have guessed that speeder bikes would be the first to go commercial?  Aerofex – right now – is offering real life speeder bikes for sale.  All you need is a measly $85 grand (including taxes) to preorder yours today – but be forewarned, you will have to wait a few years before they will deliver your product.  But who cares right?  Chances are, you’ll beat every other Jones in your neighborhood to the purchase and you’ll probably be able to pre-sell tickets to neighborhood kids for rides!  Now that the entrepreneur in me is thinking, maybe you should make the experience authentic and pre-order some Ewok costumes while you’re at it …
For more information, check out NBC News and Aerofex’s official website.

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