Feb, 2014

Blaze grew up inside the Order studying under the legendary Master Xun (nicknamed Master Kitana because of his obsession with swords).  As a child in the Order, Blaze was assigned at an early age to study every significant, historical form of martial arts as modified by Master Xun – that is, to learn and master every useful move and technique in each style.  As he grew older, his job was to research, compile, organize, and edit every writing, audio, and video clip that had anything to do with empty hand and weapon combat techniques.  His spare time was spent reading about and studying other various arts – partially because he has an innate interest in the arts and partially because Evelia, his crush, has been assigned to compile the best works of art for the database.  He would probably read about (and listen to) various works of art more but he is often busy doing anything athletic he can think of …

Trained from boyhood to be protectorate of the only known community of survivors,  Blaze’s world turns upside down when he fails to protect the Order from an unexpected attack.  Then, as he discovers his mentor has turned executioner, finds himself accused of treason while traveling to Moon 514, and falls victim to Toka’s secret gene splicing experiments, Blaze becomes irresistibly drawn towards the one woman who can destroy him – and everything he stands for.  Doubting his abilities to properly govern a ship of lost souls, his life irrevocably tumbles into confusion when he learns that his legendary skills in weaponry are useless against the psionic powers of a small alien whose name no one can pronounce – at least, not without two separately functioning vocal chords.  Soon, Blaze’s troubles seem boundless as space itself.  And while Evelia, his unquenchable crush, becomes the alien’s unexpected apprentice, Blaze heeds the earth’s call to lead mankind’s last few survivors to the destiny she envisions for them: a technologically advanced civilization governed by magic.

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