Feb, 2018

Drew: First Thing in the Morning


  • Visionary sci-fi fantasy author writing thriller paced scenes in gripping prose to explore challenging moral conundrums.



  • Visionary sci-fi fantasy author writing thriller paced scenes in gripping prose to explore challenging moral conundrums.
  • Voted a Top 5 Author at SciFiFantasyFreak.com and bestseller in SFF Anthologies on Amazon, Drew is working his way to the national best seller’s list.
  • Drew graduated Phi Kappa Phi from Brigham Young University before entering the J. Reuben Clark Law School on scholarship. He has published five non-fiction books, co-authored two volumes of ancient near eastern legal texts, Slice (a short story), Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon (a SFF novel), 5 Blades (SFF Anthology) … and Unproven will be launched early spring, 2018.



Drew Briney is a New York Times Bestselling author who recently released his tenth book: Unproven.

Well, at least I aspire to be a New York Times Bestselling author and I expect that it will happen sooner or later (for now, I’ll be happy to accept the honor of being a top 5 author at SciFiFantasyFreak.com) for writing Moon 514.  Moon 514 was my eighth book but it was also my first run at YA/Adult Fiction.  I spilled a half million words in my previous seven, stuffy, footnote laden, historical treatises but I’m sure they wouldn’t interest someone like you … an adventurous sci-fi fantasy blog reader!  Currently, I’m nearly 200K words into various novels and short stories but I’m focusing on Sea Dragon Apocalypse as you can see by my progress bar on the left.

At the demand of social pressure and traditional online expectations, I suppose I should mention that I’m happily married, I have a boatload of children, and that I’m currently writing full time when I’m not appearing on a reality tv show … After graduating from BYU (Phi Kappa Phi) with degrees in history, music, and logic, I entered BYU’s law school on scholarship and began teaching philosophy at UVU.  Forsaking exotic and life-changing trips around the world with jazz bands (Europe) and symphonies (China and the Philippines) and recording on CDs (only two), I began my new journey of helping people beat each other up with reams of paperwork that cost ungodly amounts of money and that are only read by a very small group of people … litigating as an attorney.  I suppose I’ve drafted millions of words in that vein – including a number of thousand that made their way to the United States Supreme Court (we won).  None of that persistent fighting saturated my appetite for violence so I fought my way (nearly) to a black belt in karate until I broke my back and had to take a sabbatical – don’t worry, I didn’t do karate alone – four of my kids got their black belt alongside me!  It’s illegal to beat them at home but at the dojo, we just call it sparring so it’s okay!

Oh – I almost forgot something important:  while in law school, I thrust my obsessive compulsive personality disorder into a good cause: I returned to my childhood juggling addiction.  I was awarded Utah’s Best Professional Juggler award in 2001 and have retained that title ever since (mostly because they quit having the competition but I like to brag about it anyway – did I mention I can juggle 8 balls?).  I juggled as a performer at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.  I competed at the 2006 International Juggler’s Association in Portland, Oregon and handily lost because I dropped too much – but at least I saved one drop with an epic sidekick that really wowed the judges!  I have also been a staple performer at the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival for more than a dozen years because I’m the only juggler in the world that tells stories while juggling.  Really – it’s true: I bill myself as the Story Juggler for that very reason.  You can hire me to juggle for insane amounts of money (please…) or you can just watch me on YouTube for free – your call.



  • Unproven will be narrated by award winning voice artist Luke Daniels in June, 2018; The audiobook release date is pending but should be within 30 days of completion.  Hopefully, Luke will be narrating Slice and/or Moon 514 as well, depending on his schedule. If you haven’t listened to any books narrated by Luke, you’re missing out.  I’m contemplating writing a new short story full of dialog for the sole purpose of enjoying his fabulous characters come to life in one of my stories.
  • Moon 514, 5 Blades, and Slice will soon be available in paperback – hopefully by the end of March – so keep your eyes open!
  • Drew Briney is currently preparing Slice for audiobook as read by the author as well.  I can’t compare with Luke in talent but I know some fans like to hear stories as ready by their authors so I’m giving it a shot to see how it comes along.  I’m currently about a third finished.


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