Jane Grey Angel


What happens when you mix Jane Grey (the Phoenix in X-Men) with an angel, add a pinch of innocent baby face, and throw the mix into modern combat?  I’m guessing today’s  inspiration is the answer to that question.

I’m uncertain why I like this painting so much.  Probably the final answer lies with the masterful golden mean based composition.  However, there is something undeniably intriguing about having an angel land on the main tank gun and then having her very touch result in the instantaneous disintegration of the gun.  Apparently, Jane Grey-esque power isn’t good enough though – the angel wields a sword.  Why?  Maybe for intimidation?  Or maybe she’s extra peaceful and needs to keep nice people from accidentally touching her?

If all of that didn’t adequately violate centuries of tradition, the artist appears to have given her elven ears.  Then again, and since the painting is based in Asia, I have to wonder if there is some political undertone hiding beneath this piece – and maybe that is why the angel is so untraditional?  Am I missing something?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you know the artist or the producer of the image, let me know so I can drop the link.





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