Hail Hydra

Svetlin Velinov – Wizards of the Coast

Today’s inspiration comes from Svetlin Velinov who envisions an omnivorous hydra (are those teeth really plant worthy? Perhaps omnivorous means something more nefariously cache…).  I found this piece inspiring because Velinov’s imagination pulled him far afield from the traditional dragon head we often see on hydra.  With the top part of the head nearly looking like a plated helmet rather than a natural head, a bicolored mouth, and a deeply set eye that may make you first guess that the hydra is blind, Velinov finds a very fresh approach for a very modern hydra concept.  Like most hydras, a careful reading of the picture makes you wonder how the beast could ever keep balance (especially if the bottom right head isn’t a different hydra), but the first read is very artistic and engaging.  All Hail Svetlin Velinov!



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