Oct, 2014

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Often, depictions of fantasy dragons are a huge disappointment.  Words like “cheesy,” “trite,” “overdone,” and “disappointing” often come to mind when I look at dragon art (which is not all that uncommon).  That day may be over soon.  Enter: Eric Velhagen.  I featured his work once before but I kept regretting not posting this cool picture of Glaurung and Nienor so I had to share this image as well.  To be honest, I’ve never seen a flightless dragon picture that really impressed me before so this image caught my attention for that reason alone.  But my appreciation of the image didn’t end there: check out his unique face, the cool spikes on his hunched back, and the lizard-like spread of his hind legs.  You have to appreciate the painting solely on the basis that Eric has created a dragon that is really outside of the traditional-fantasy-dragon box.  Add to that some great skill, a compelling first read, a great layout, and the whole image in context of the story and this has to be one of your favorite dragon images of all time.  Unsolicited plug: this is the time when you should click on the image above and buy a print of this picture (only $20 + S&H as I recall) so this guy can get rich and famous and bring us many more images like this one.  All hail Eric Velhagen!


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