Dangers Come in Beautiful Packages


You might think mermaids have been on my mind this week by my posts – and you’d be wrong – but if they were, it would have to be Sacha Kalis’ fault.  I wish it was me swimming in the Bahamas with stingrays and manitees!  However, when I was looking through my backlist of blog post ideas, I ran across this image and I couldn’t turn it down this time.  It always makes me smile.  Apart from the fact that the technology in the image is very unlikely (by the time we find anything like this swimming somewhere in the deepest portions of the ocean, we won’t be breathing underwater using old school oxygen tanks), the idea is timeless.  It almost reads from a fairy tale trying to instill virtues upon children – only this time, the table is turned: be careful boys – dangers come in beautiful packages so you better keep your eyes peeled at all costs!

I don’t know who the artist is.  If you do, please let me know – I want to see what else he/she is doing.


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