Prose – Moon 514

Today, prose from a portion of the scene behind the cover of Moon 514:

Dense wisps of fog slowly encircled the magic woman, sensually caressing her body as if petting a purring kitten.  Crawling on all fours, she seemed to slither, whispering – nay, hissing – a long diatribe of cursings towards the approaching men.  Her tail twitched back and forth, nearly swatting Evelia in the face a number of times.  Her hands pounded the ground with piercing claws, her nails slowly extending in agitation, her eyes narrowing, her teeth baring, and her two voices airily whipping words Evelia couldn’t understand, the magic woman donned a countenance Evelia wouldn’t have even guessed was possible: she was angry – so angry in fact that Evelia began hearing the magic woman’s native language in her own mind.  While she couldn’t understand the words, pictures, concepts, and ideas flooded into her mind.

The earth.  She endures everything … she survives everything.  She uses a fallen, depraved tribe to produce the savior of the species – the most paradoxical species ever created!  Some are nothing but vile –others are as wonderful as any species found in any planetary system.  They need a new beginning … and it is coming.  These and similar thoughts rambled through Evelia’s mind as the magic woman slithered across the field – like she was stalking prey.  The alien woman was reassuring herself of something but Evelia couldn’t tell exactly what that might be.

And while they moved in nearly synchronous harmony, Evelia felt strong sensations in her mind that were bogging down her body as well as her thinking process – physical feelings she could neither explain nor even describe.  Intermittently, she felt as if her conscious state of mind was entirely unstable.  In the midst of the most terrifying moment of her life, Evelia suddenly felt so groggy that she feared she would just pass out – right there –  almost uncaring about what might happen if she did.  And then, right when Evelia thought she might do just that, she would receive a burst of energy – and she would feel almost normal once more.

After a few of these mental roller coasters, Evelia realized that she had become so entirely mesmerized by the magic woman’s thoughts and these strange sensations that she had forgotten to pay careful attention to what she was doing.  Crawling through shallow waters and marshy grasses with her stomach pressed to the ground as low as possible, Evelia suddenly became aware that she was grunting under the physical exertion and that she was undoubtedly exposing her location to the very people who were hunting her.  The magic woman mirrored Evelia.  She too failed to stay silent.  Perhaps it does not matter, Evelia considered, more consciously noticing the cacophony of buzzing insects and croaking frogs, they will cover us.

But then, the lithe alien’s grating voices increased in volume and her movements became increasingly erratic and visible to anyone who may have been scouting the area.  There is no hiding now, Evelia concluded.

Ricochet!  Aim at your comrades!  The words rang clearly in Evelia’s mind as if someone had shouted them.  She watched in shock as the magic woman stood up in the middle of the grassy field where they had been crawling, made menacing movements with her claws, and hissed at the soldiers.

The unmistakable sound of high energy gunfire echoed throughout the marshy wetlands. …

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