Red Angel

If you google angel art (or shortcut and go straight to, you’ll run across tons of angel artwork spanning from the bloody awful to the doldrumous ordinary to the exquisitely inspiring.  Today’s inspiration comes from a relatively new and trendy style sported by several new artists – but this artist really pulls off this style.  From the oversized battle axe to the loosely painted style to the wild hair to the meticulous use of the golden mean, this painting exudes everything that is interesting about modern fantasy art.  True – the armor looks painfully heavy – even with those large wings and important organs aren’t protected by the armor, but given that artistic license, I find this painting interesting and storyline engaging.  I hope you like it too.

It seems my lot to lose track of artist names for inspiring artwork lately.  Rrugio is the only clue I have and google searches turned up fruitless.  If you know the illustrator, let me know so I can give proper credit.

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