Mar, 2015


As soon as an idea inspires myriads of people, thousands of aspiring artists throw their hand at it until the very idea becomes trite or overdone.  Mermaids are like that.  A quick google search for mermaid images offers hundreds of unpolished attempts to capture the beauty and allure of these mythical creatures – but rarely do they truly inspire.  It takes a truly visionary artist to take that stale idea and put a truly inspirational spin upon it.  Sadly, I don’t know who that artist is but I love the approach: fins similar to jellyfish surrounding the upper body, similarly delicate fins all over, and random tendrils that are common to jellyfish and similar species.  Add to that some great lighting behind the translucent “fins,” an interesting pose, and a limited palette and you have a great piece of art worthy of admiration.  Huzzah to the unknown artist.