Mar, 2014

The beast subtitling Moon 514 is more than a sidekick with saber-teeth – he is an intelligent, flying feline who can telepathically communicate.  Unfortunately for him, this doesn’t keep him from becoming enslaved by the psionic prowess of the Magic Woman.  Here is an excerpt from the chapter “Enslaved!”:


The beast tentatively pawed the ground somewhat like a bull taunted by a puny matador that wasn’t really worth the effort.  Soon, the taps became tears in the earth as massive paws extended their claws and tilled the sandy soil in frustration.  Not designed to dig, the beast’s paws soon protested against the exertion and the frustrated feline needed another method to vent his dissatisfaction.

Leaping into the air, it swatted several branches, cracking, breaking, or bending each of them into unnatural, contorted shapes.  Sporadically, it would grab a branch with its vice-like jaws and tear it loose from its parent tree before tossing it to the ground.  It jumped from tree to tree, smashing everything it could reach and break until its muscles grew weary and until its mind felt worn.  Unintelligent beasts were tamable.  They were subservient.  They were docile.  They could handle this.  But he couldn’t take much more of this slavery.

Naturally of even temperament, the creature was unaccustomed to feelings of anger and frustration.  But then, he wasn’t used to taking orders either.

Neither was he used to failure.

The magic woman’s orders had been very simple and very clear: make sure the young warrior survived the battle at the village and then, accompany him home.  The first part of the instruction seemed like a pathetic joke in retrospect.  The boy certainly needed no one to protect him in hand to hand combat and with his high-tech staff, there hadn’t been much need to protect him from any genre of a shooting mêlée either.  Accompanying him home shouldn’t have been much of a challenge but for one clumsy movement and that blazing staff.

Crash!  Another branch snapped between the slashing jaws of the griffon and fell helplessly to the ground as the beast growled in anger another time.

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