Jul, 2015

0 0 mage

A little inspiration today from either X-Men fan art, Chandra fan art, or someone who felt nostalgic about their old D&D fireball throwing mages.  I like this image compositionally and in concept.  It feels very engaging, it has a nice palette, and it leaves you wondering about details: why are the birds so close to the fire/smoke – could they not get away any faster (that would be one heck of a speedy fireball); what is the medallion about? why is the girl wearing a half-sized superhero cape? and last but not least: why are her clothes unsinged?  One has to wonder if Daenerys Targaryen is sitting on a throne somewhere, green with envy that this girl has any clothes left at all – she might even ask George R. R. Martin for a refund for the beautiful dress she wore into Drogo’s funeral pyre … Despite these unexplained idiosyncrasies, this image remains one of my favorite renderings of a fire mage – all without sexualizing this boss teenage girl.

UPDATE: Kudos to Daniel Dos Santos (the artist).  The image was cover art for Bryan of Boscoquieto in the Land of Half-Demons