Obsessively, I collect names for future characters, categorize them (male/female; exotic/common, etc.), and keep them safe for future use.  One day, I was looking over names based upon nouns (Canyon, Meadow, Candle, Kale, etc.) and was trying to think of other names that would be easy to remember because they were common … and yet retain the ring of unordinary-ness.  That is when I considered “Bliss” as the name of a person.  Immediately, the following exchange (probably in context of some fantasy tavern) came to my mind and I saved it for future use:

“What is your name?”


“You’ve got to be kidding,” he retorted unimpressed and with cocked eyebrow

“My parents were blessed with unusual foresight,” she purred.  …


Maybe I’ll use it; maybe I won’t … but I can’t help thinking that it has the makings of an interesting diversion for an adventurer … perhaps Vy after he suffers the evil touch …


If anyone knows who the artist is for this pic, let me know and I’ll throw him/her a link and acknowledgement.

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  1. Evelia514 says:

    I think this is what Aria would have said to Blaze had things happened differently at the tournament.

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