Jan, 2014
What if an evil demigod manipulated gene splicing technology to create an army of invulnerable, though obedient mage dragons?In a parallel world where powerful mages can obtain the ability to reincarnate, Master Scythe inadvertently creates an unprecedented power imbalance for evil by terminating the lives of scores of evil dragons untimely ending their hibernations. In the process, Scythe discovers that dragons are descendants of rogue mages who transcended the bounds of the mage arts – bounds established by the gods – bounds he unintentionally transcends himself. Now destined to become a dragon, Scythe comes to the stark realization that he has groomed Vy, his ill-omened and talented apprentice, to exterminate dragonkind.Accompanied by Vy, a lovely second apprentice, an enigmatic leopardtauress named Keilana, and a betraying quarter elf nicknamed Glee, Master Scythe frantically races to uncover the legend of Zor’ame – the first dragon. Desperate to learn how to recover his human form, Scythe may only discover that he has been manipulated into helping Rye Zel unleash his new breed of dragon, reincarnate scores of evil mages who were trapped within the bodies of dragons, and to evolve into a dragon where he will be helpless to protect those he loves.

Reality is uncertain, deceptions abound, and little is as it really seems.