Moon 514 || Drew Briney, Author

by Drew Briney

Moon 514

Post-Apocalyptic Genetically Engineered Humans Join Forces with Alien Mage to Preserve Humanity

Moon 514

It’s inevitable: technology must evolve alongside magic.

Trained from boyhood to be protectorate of the only known community of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, Blaze’s life takes a devastating turn when he fails to save the Order from an unexpected and devastating attack. When his mentor turns executioner, Blaze gets arrested for treason and falls victim to Toka’s secret genetic engineering experiments. He’s further thrown into confusion when his legendary combat skills prove useless against the magical powers of a small, unintimidating alien woman.

After Evelia, his unquenchable crush, becomes the alien’s unexpected apprentice, Blaze is called to lead mankind’s last few survivors to a surprising destiny: a technologically advanced civilization governed by magic.

Featured on Wattpad, Moon 514 quickly gathered nearly 80,000 reads. Young adult readers who enjoy action packed page-turners will love Moon 514’s unique and hopeful twist on a post-apocalyptic world. Consider it a thriller-paced mashup of Star Wars meets Divergent.

Hilarious Guy: Real Reviews

Impossible to Put Down

inspiring and warm. … extremely well written and easy to follow, but impossible to put down. …It is a wondrous journey.

Paige Turner Amazon

Brilliantly Woven Storyline, Riveting Story, Nasty Villains

Action-packed treat! An incredible journey to a brilliantly woven storyline. Briney’s attention to detail is extraordinary, and he manages to share to us readers the very vivid picture he sees in his head ... no dull moment in the book Continue Reading

Victoria Lucas Barnes & Noble

Five Stars & Non-Stop Action

I am a fan of post holocaust stories and this one does not disappoint, the author has created a living world were humanity struggles to survive … Five stars and non stop action.


Imaginative, Engaging, Fast-Paced, Lushly Written

Imaginative novel that manages to capture your attention right from the start with fantastic storytelling, engaging characters, strong dialogue and a plot that is refreshingly original. … lushly written with an eye for detail … wonderful world-building and character development Continue Reading

Capri Coker Barnes & Noble

Flawless & Unique Twist to the Genre

I'm glad that Drew Briney isn't afraid to stand out and offer his own unique twist to the genre, which, I should mention, is executed near flawlessly through the great writing. … offers readers a unique view of what the Continue Reading

J. LaVuire Goodreads

Early Concept Art for Moon 514
Early Concept Art for Moon 514

Tremendously Action Packed

Tremendously action packed with a very unique setting and an original theme … Very fun to read and will appeal both to lovers of science fiction and fantasy. I loved the futuristic and post-apocalyptic world … intrigued with this book Continue Reading

Colleen D.

Captivating, Sweeping Tone

Captivating ... everything from aliens to magic, a dystopian society and a sweet romance. … sweeping tone to really pull the reader along, taking a story that twists and turns - turning it into a far reaching series that has Continue Reading

R. Coker Barnes & Noble

Believable Characters

Characters are believable and the story progresses well. … I loved the ending!

@CinnCinn Wattpad

Kept Me Wanting More

Outstanding Read! imaginative and descriptive writing … kept me engaged and wanting more the entire book. … I cannot wait to read more by this author

Amber Amazon

Blends Technology & Magic at Pulse-Pounding Level

Un-put-downable With his back pushed against the wall, and knowing he has nothing to lose, Blaze leads the last of the survivors by finally embracing what they believe is their only chance against the aliens: blending technology and magic. … Continue Reading

Megan (Top 500 Reviewer) Amazon

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