Mar, 2016

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What is it?  Bulldog face, humanoid alien eyes, reptilian neck and skin flaps, tattoo-esque markings, and no discernible ears.  I decided to post this as an inspirational work of art because it represents everything good about monster art.  It isn’t over the top.  It doesn’t have a thousand teeth.  It doesn’t look so bizarre that you feel uncertain how to even classify the thing.  It does have an intimidating look but it doesn’t immediately scare you.  You’d have to see it snarl or bare its teeth before you’d be overly concerned.  At the same time, the general flavor of this character sketch does seem a bit aggressive.  So … overall, I find this piece interesting and inspirational.  Tell me what you think in the comments below.

If anyone knows the artist, let me know so I can drop a link and offer some credit.

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