May, 2014

Alright Sci-Fi fans – here is another reason to be excited about the future: shark skin swim suits!

3D printing has now replicated shark skins – a feat that scientists have failed to accomplish for many years now.  Thanks to 3D printing, scientists have now been able to learn how sharks are able to move so quickly in the water – and the reasons may be surprising to you.  Check out the full article at the only major news channel that regularly features cool stuff like this: BBC News – Simulated Shark Skin

While scientists are possibly a decade away from making a simulated shark skin swimming suit, the possibility is realistically foreseeable and the fun possibilities are exciting – imagine scuba diving in a suit designed to magnify each movement that you make underwater – all while protecting you from the scratchy surfaces of the ocean – and quite possibly while protecting you from the native wildlife you find in every ocean adventure.  Cool stuff!